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Paul Ramon was a pseudonym used by Paul McCartney while touring with Johnny Gentle in 1960.


From May 20 to May 28, 1960, The Silver Beetles (as they were called at the time) toured Scotland, backing a young musician named Johnny Gentle. As part of this tour, the whole band decided to give themselves pseudonyms. Paul McCartney recalls, "Now we were truly professional, we could do something we had been toying with for a long time, which was to change our names to real showbiz names. I became Paul Ramon, which I thought was suitablyexotic. I remember the Scottish girls saying, 'Is that his real name? That's great.' It's French, Ramon. Ra-mon, that's how you pronounce it. Stuart became Stuart de Stael after the painter. George became Carl Harrison after Carl Perkins (our big idol, who had written Blue Suede Shoes). John was Long John. People have since said, 'Ah, John didn't change his name, that was very suave.' Let me tell you: he was Long John. There was none of that 'he didn't change his name': we all changed our names." In 1969, Paul McCartney once again used the moniker Paul Ramon as a guest appearance on a Steve Miller Band single, My Dark Hour, released in the US on June 16, 1969.


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